Wellness Center

The Wellness Center is located in the back, lower level of the Haid theater. Both Health and Counseling services are housed in the same space. The link below is a map of the college.

The Wellness Center is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00p.m. Last appointment is at 4:30 pm. Counseling services and nursing staff are available during those hours and our Nurse Practitioner is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am until 4:30pm.

Yes! There is no cost to be seen in the Wellness Center. Wellness Center services are included in the tuition charges for our traditional students.

There may be times when your symptoms require additional lab work. In house laboratory tests are free of charge, however some tests require laboratory testing that needs to be sent to a laboratory facility. The fee for these types of tests are the responsibility of the student. Charges are not due at the time of service but will be added to the student’s account.

If a student needs IV fluids for rehydration, the student is charged for the cost of the supplies only.

When necessary, students may be referred to area specialists. Students are responsible for medical or counseling bills received off campus and for transportation to off campus referrals.

The use of the Wellness Center is part of the general tuition for our traditional students only.  At this time, the services of the Wellness Center are not available to our ADP population.

All services provided through the Wellness Center are completely confidential and fall in line with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines.  Any student, age 18 and over, must give their consent in order for the Wellness Center to talk with a parent or guardian regarding any medical visits, including confirming they were seen by our office. We encourage students to discuss any visits with their parents or guardians.

Yes!  Each student must have medical insurance, either through a private insurance company plan or the insurance package offered through the College. Information regarding the school’s medical insurance with information on how to waive the insurance will be sent during the summer months from Student Financial Services.

All students are billed every year on their fall tuition bill for the school health insurance. If the student is starting in spring semester, he will be billed at a reduced rate for the spring semester.

All international students are required to keep the school-offered medical insurance.

For non-international students, in order to waive the school insurance, you will need to complete an on-line waiver each year and show evidence of coverage by a private policy that provides benefits in this area. You will be required to submit proof of insurance according to the directions from Student Financial Services.

To waive the school insurance click here.